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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Princess Leia's Theme

Back in 1977, lo these many years ago, I bought a read an article in a Star Wars fanzine that lamented the plethora of off-shoot poorly-created fan work.  I don't recall much about the article - heck, maybe it was just a letter from a reader.  But I do recall that the writer bemoaned that "it won't be long before someone writes the words to Princess Leia's Theme."

And I thought, why the hell not?  And proceeded to do just that.

I'm going to share that with you, but don't get your hopes up - I mean, this is a 40-year old poem written by a 15-year-old boy pretending to understand a Princess' pov.  But first, a brief rant.

Why would anyone feel the need to put down fan endeavors?  It seems that this attitude has been around forever.  I applaud those I see speaking up against it lately - back then, it was all too easy to give up.  I shared this bit of doggerel with my best friend and then hid it.  I shared it with my wife and then hid it.  I don't even recall if I've shared it with my children yet.  Even now, I've no idea if I have the the right to presume.

But I'm sharing it anyway.  Because, if for no other reason, it's the only tribute I have for Carrie Fisher.  It's the only thank-you I have for other brave creators out there.  Nobody has to like it.  But I'm not sorry I wrote it.  I'm only sorry I didn't share it sooner.


When life is lost
By someone who's near
It hurts so much;
The price is too dear.
I must forget,
So painful to do.
I don't want to love,
Yet I want to love you.

We must go on,
Keep fighting or die.
Lives will be lost.
It won't help to cry.
There won't be time
For love 'till we're through
But if I could love
Then I would love you.

I'll raise my head.
I won't let them know
What a Princess feels.
Those feelings can't show.
I've built my walls.
I can't let you through.
I wish I could love
So I could  love you.

(you know, to the best of my knowledge, no one else ever wrote lyrics.  if they did, those are probably better.  if anyone wants to record these, though, i'd love to hear it)

(Oh, yeah... copyright John L. Payton)

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